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Sign Shop Safety

Sign Shop Safety

The Tri-State Sign Association recognizes that, in the sign industry, providing a safe working environment is critical! There are at least 5 good reasons:

  • It is the right thing to do.
  • Personal safety and the safety of employees are essential. It is good business. The negative impact on the bottom-line of the sign company caused by the expense of Workers’ Comp Insurance is directly related to claims resulting from on-the-job accidents.
  • It is the law. OSHA and other governmental regulatory agencies mandate safety standards, and penalties for non-compliance can be devastating.
  • Helps to market to lager clients
  • Helps to reduce work force turnover with attaining certified and skilled team members

Tri-State Sign Association provides periodic work-safety training classes for fabricators, installers, and service technicians addressing critical safety training issues.
Tri-State Sign Association sign company members receive safety & regulatory compliance consultation provided by member firm EHS, LLC. This is a 24/7 Call-A-Safety Consultant on-call service for answers to any safety-related and regulatory compliance questions. EHS, will also design a full-service safety program for tailored uniquely for TSSA sign company members.

24/7 Call-A-Safety Consultant Contact:
Steve Bell or Justin Plutino
(417) 483-6492

EHS, LLC also has a monthly newsletter that is tailor made for sign companies that includes:
· Upcoming OSHA regulations
· OSHA Hot Topics
· Free Programs for you to implement at your company
· Free Audit Forms for you to implement at your company

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