Tri-State Sign Association

Our Mission

“Advancing the sign industry in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.”


The Tri-State Sign Association, in affiliation with the International Sign Association, represents a majority of all companies engaged in the design, sale, manufacture, installation and service of on-premise signs. Our membership includes sign companies, suppliers of sign materials and components and equipment, and professional associates.


As a group, TSSA is governed by elected officers and a board of directors who contribute their time to oversee the functions, operations, and objectives of the association. TSSA activities are directed by standing committees and ad hoc committees as needed to address the issues which face our industry and the community as a whole.


Today, more than ever before, the partnership between the sign associations, the government, and the business community is vital for an economically sound environment.

The promotion of proper legislation and needed changes in ordinances are priorities of the association. TSSA can assist sign companies in various municipalities to oppose abusive regulations and support regulations through Sign Ordinance Assistance.