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The Tri-State Sign Association recognizes that the partnership between sign companies, governmental agencies, and the business community is vital for a prosperous economy. TSSA provides assistance to association members in opposing abusive regulations and promoting sound ordinances.

TSSA is organized with watchdog Legislative Committees in each of the states in the region. When ordinance issues arise, these committees provide the local member sign companies that are affected with valuable industry information and guidance in addressing those issues.

The Tri-State Sign Association’s affiliation with the International Sign Association (ISA) provides TSSA members with the full access to ISA government affairs resources. ISA fights on behalf of sign companies in Washington, DC, state capitals, and in cities and towns across the country and provides on-the-ground support and grassroots tools to enact positive change in the industry.

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(Note: For TSSA members who may be working in states other than Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, specifically in the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, and New Mexico, James Carpentier is the ISA contact for those states. Email:; Office: (703) 894-2590)

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